Kyle Rittenhouse Calls Out Lin Wood Again In New Interview

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Kyle Rittenhouse has opened up about his trial, revealing that he knew the ‘state didn’t have a case’ against him when ‘they put Dominic Black on the stand.’

Rittenhouse, 18, appeared on the Charlie Kirk Show on Tuesday to discuss his infamous case after he was acquitted earlier this month for fatally shooting two men and injuring another at the Kenosha protests.

During the hour-long interview, the teen discussed the risk of taking the stand instead of pleading the Fifth, but explained he ‘wanted the world to know who the real Kyle Rittenhouse was.’

He told the conservative host that he had been ‘freaking out’ during the run up to the trial, despite his remarkably calm composure in court, but he felt the tide turn in his favor when the prosecution called his friend Black – who purchased the AR-15 Rittenhouse used in Kenosha with the teen’s money.

He explained that he knew then that there wasn’t a case against him because the prosecution was banking on Black to ‘lie,’ he claimed.

‘There’s two [turning points] actually when I knew that state didn’t have a case was when they had their opening statements and they put Dominic Black on the stand, which really helped me,’ the teen said. He didn’t mention the second reason.

‘This is just speculation, but I think they called Dominic to the stand hoping he would lie, but Dominic was under oath and he told the truth.’

‘People want to push their own agendas and they don’t want to look at the facts of what happened and they just don’t want to get to know me as a person or just as a human,’ Rittenhouse said on the Charlie Kirk Show.

‘My reason for taking the stand was I wanted the world to know who the real Kyle Rittenhouse was.’

Kirk called Rittenhouse a ‘normal kid, who got caught into something you didn’t want to get catch into.’

Rittenhouse later attacked Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger who he slammed as unprofessional.

He explained he had been on the stand when Binger commented on his ‘post-arrest silent(sic)’.

‘I was like ‘what the f**k,’ this is basic, middle school constitution test stuff. I know this stuff, you don’t comment on a defendant’s post-arrest silence.’

‘Binger’s a crazy person,’ Kirk agreed. He later flashed a picture on the attorney holding the AR-15 in court. ‘You have a better trigger posture than him, Kyle.’

The acquitted teen admitted the gun is ‘being destroyed’ and he didn’t want anything to do with it now.’

Kirk compared Rittenhouse’s experience to ‘standing up to a bully in the hallway’ and it ‘resonated’ with so many people.

The host played a clip of Binger in court saying: ‘You lost the right to self-defense when you’re the only that brings the gun, when you’re the one that brings the danger.’

Kirk questioned: ‘Is that what the law says?’

‘No,’ Rittenhouse was quick to supply. ‘I’m just a normal 17 or 18-year-old kid. I way I look at it, what he’s saying, is that no one has the right to defend themselves in the world – or in the United States – that means, what he’s saying is no one is allowed to carry a gun essentially. That’s what I get out of it.’

Jack agreed, stating that Binger ‘conflated’ the situation.

He did however defend the judge, claiming he was unbiased but simply a ‘constitutionalist’.

Rittenhouse has been vocally critical of his former lawyers John Pierce and Lin Wood who he claims left him in jail for 87 days so they could use funds raised for his bail for themselves.

On Tuesday, he slammed them again.

‘They like to think they’re heroes, they are just a bunch of fraud men.’

 He also complained about Wood’s QAnon rants and election fraud theories.

‘He’s completely insane and needs to be on meds.’

The teenage and his guests Jack and Dave also plugged the fundraiser for the teen.

The teen also stated he was surprised about how many people ‘supported the right to self-defense.’

‘I didn’t know how many people supported the right to self-defense.’

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