Ghislaine Maxwell courtroom sketch artist reveals ‘odd’ moment socialite started drawing HER in echo of Charles Manson

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A courtroom sketch artist in the Ghislaine Maxwell sex trafficking trial has told of the bizarre moment the socialite twice turned around to draw her.

Illustrator Elizabeth Williams, who has been sketching people in court for 40 years, was at a pre-trial hearing in November when Maxwell began staring at her while drawing.

A picture of the tense encounter – created by fellow sketch artist Jane Rosenberg, who was also drawn by the Brit – has since gone viral on social media.

New York-based Ms Williams revealed that Maxwell swiveled round in her chair to draw her and Ms Rosenberg a second time, at jury selection later in the month.

At the time of the tense encounter, Reuters wrote in its description of Rosenberg’s sketch: “Ghislaine Maxwell, the Jeffrey Epstein associate accused of sex trafficking, makes a sketch of court artists while seated between defense attorneys Bobbi Sternheim and Jeffrey Pagliuca, during a pre-trial hearing ahead of jury selection.”

Speaking of the first time she spotted the English heiress sketching her, Ms Williams exclusively told The Sun: “It was the first thing she did when she got into court.

“It was like she didn’t think anyone would notice. She stared right at us, and it was definitely an odd moment.

“Maybe she was trying to psyche us out, or perhaps she was just missing human contact. But whatever the reason, it didn’t creep us out.

“She’s not exactly an intimidating person!

“The second time she did it, she turned right around to us. It was very deliberate.”

It is the first time Ms Williams, who has covered many high-profile trials, including that of disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, has ever been drawn by a defendant.

Cult leader Charles Manson used to draw his sketch artist in court, she added.

Despite their frosty start, Ms Williams says that Maxwell began nodding and even waving to the sketch artists at the start of her six-week trial in Manhattan.

She said: “She (Maxwell) has stopped doing that over the last few days.

“Trials like this can be very hard on everybody.”

In a 2020 interview with the New York Post, Rosenberg recalled her time sketching Epstein, describing the convicted sex offender as a “totally a sicko, weirdo.”

The sex trafficking trial of Epstein’s alleged “madam” started on Monday.

Epstein’s former pilot, Lawrence Visoski, who testified for the prosecution, was asked during cross-examination about passengers on Epstein’s Gulf Stream plane and confirmed Prince Andrew and former presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton had all flown on it.

“I certainly remember President Trump, but not many people associated with him,” the pilot told the trial.

Maxwell faces allegations that she procured girls for Epstein while also participating in the abuse herself on several occasions.

Prosecutors allege she and Epstein exploited girls as young as 14 between 1994 and 2004.

Maxwell’s lawyers deny all charges against her and will attempt to argue her relationship with Epstein has been overstated.

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