Fauci demands Fox punish Lara Logan for comparing him to Nazi ‘Angel of Death’

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Dr. Anthony Fauci criticized Fox Nation host Lara Logan Thursday for her comments comparing him to an infamous Nazi war criminal earlier this week, calling the conservative journalist’s comparison ‘slanderous’ and ‘disgusting.’

Speaking to MSNBC host Chris Haye Thursday night, Fauci called on Fox to take disciplinary action against the journalist – who faced backlash Monday after she compared the chief White House medical adviser to Josef Mengele, a Nazi doctor whose hideous experiments on Jewish concentration camp victims during World War II earned him the chilling moniker ‘Angel of Death.’

‘It’s an insult to all of the people who suffered and died under the Nazi regime in the concentration camps,’ Fauci, 80, fumed on Hayes’ primetime political commentary program All In.

‘What I find striking, Chris,’ the irate immunologist continued, ‘is how she gets no discipline whatsoever from the Fox network.

‘How they can let her say that with no comment and no disciplinary action? I’m astounded by that!’

Logan, 50, slammed Fauci Monday during a discussion on Fox News Primetime about the Biden administration’s response to the new super-mutated Omicron COVID-19 variant.

Mengele, dubbed the 'Angel of Death,' was a doctor at the Auschwitz death camp in occupied Poland who performed hideous experiments on prisonersDr Anthony Fauci speaks alongside President Joe Biden as he delivers remarks on the Omicron COVID-19 variant on Monday

During the televised talk, the journalist – whose career took a hit in 2013 when a 2012 report on the Benghazi attack from the then CBS correspondent was exposed as false – offered her insight on the emergence of new Omicron variant after host Pete Hegseth, a known critic of coronavirus vaccine mandates and masking policies, accused the Biden administration of overhyping the still largely unknown strain.

‘There’s no justification for putting people out of there jobs or forcing mandates for a disease that’s ultimately very treatable, it’s cheap to treat, medicines are available all over the world, and it has death rates that compare very much to seasonal flu,’ Logan declared during the Monday night discussion.

The South African journalist, who joined Fox last year, then set her sights on Fauci, and made the contentious comparison.

‘In that moment, what you see on Dr. Fauci, what people say to me, is that he doesn’t represent science to them.

‘He represents Josef Mengele – the Nazi doctor who did experiments on Jews during the second world war and in the concentration camps.’

Logan added: ‘I’m talking about people all across the world who are saying this.’

‘The response from COVID,’ she continued, ‘what it has done to countries everywhere, what it has done to civil liberties, the suicide rates, the poverty – it has obliterated economies.

‘The level of suffering that has been created because of this disease is now being seen in the cold light of day, i.e. the truth – and people see that there is no justification for what is being done.’

The comments prompted immediate backlash from a slew of social media users and organizations aligned against anti-Semitism, like the Anti-Defamation League and American Jewish Committee – both demanding apologies from the firebrand journalist.

Fox, meanwhile, has remained silent amid the controversy – whereas Logan has stood by her comments, going as far as to encourage attacks on the Auschwitz Museum for condemning her Nazi analogy.

Appearing on MSNBC’s All In on Thursday night, Fauci was asked by host Hayes to weigh in on the Fox personality’s incendiary remarks, playing a short clip highlighting Logan’s attack on the medical adviser – hours after he appeared at a press conference beside President Joe Biden to talk about the new variant, encouraging Americans to get renewed doses of the vaccine to quell its spread.

‘I know that you want to talk about Omicron and I want to talk about Omicron, and I want to talk about the winter,’ Hayes, 42, began in the Thursday interview.

‘But I feel like I’m talking to you and you’ve become this character, in the imagination of tens of millions of people in this country, because they think that you represent some tyrannical plot to keep the boot of COVID restrictions on the neck of free people.’

The anchor then asked Fauci how he felt about Logan’s comments, spurring the medical professional to go on a tirade condemning the journalist.

‘I just wonder how you respond to that,’ Hayes asked.

 ‘Look, Chris,’ Fauci began after viewing the contentious clip, visibly agitated. ‘I think the response is with so many people throughout the country and the world are responding to that absolutely preposterous and disgusting comparison that she makes.’

‘It’s an insult to all of the people who suffered and died under the Nazi regime in the concentration camps,’ he continued.

‘I mean, it’s unconscionable what she said.’

Fauci also took issue with Logan’s claims that the death rate for COVID-19 is comparable to that of a seasonal flu.

‘Forget about the fact that she was being totally slanderous to me and, as usual, had no idea what she was talking about,’ Fauci raged during the primetime interview.

‘Saying that it’s as benign as flu. When did influenza kill 770,000 Americans?’

Fauci added: ‘So not only is she being slanderous and disrespectful to so many people who were killed in the concentration camps by Dr. Mengele, but she absolutely has no idea what she’s talking about. She’s completely incorrect in everything she says.’

The doctor then called out Fox for not administering disciplinary action on the journalist, and for not commenting on the controversy days after the comments were made.

‘What I find striking, Chris, is how she gets no discipline whatsoever from the Fox network,’ Fauci declared. ‘How they can let her say that with no comment and no disciplinary action? I’m astounded by that.’

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