Cori Bush’s Claim White Supremacists Fired at Ferguson Protestors Shot Down

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A claim from Rep. Cori Bush that “white supremacists” fired at black protesters during unrest in Ferguson, Mo., in August 2014 after a white police officer shot and killed Michael Brown, a black teen, has been dismissed by current and former officials with St. Louis-area city.

Ferguson Police Chief James McCall Jr. and former Ferguson Mayor James Knowles have publicly disputed the Missouri Democrat’s allegations.

“Bush was a regular presence at the protests that rocked Ferguson, Missouri, after former police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown — and Bush claimed in a tweet Monday that protesters had been targets for ‘white supremacists’ who shot at them from behind a hill while police did nothing,” The Daily Wire reported.

“When we marched in Ferguson, white supremacists would hide behind a hill near where Michael Brown Jr. was murdered and shoot at us. They never faced consequences. If Kyle Rittenhouse gets acquitted, it tells them that even 7 years later they still can get away with it,” she claimed.

Bush made her remarks via Twitter on Monday as the trial of teen Kyle Rittenhouse wrapped up in Kenosha, Wis. He is charged with two counts of murder and several counts of reckless endangerment in the shooting deaths of two men and the wounding of a third Aug. 25, 2020, amid rioting and unrest in that upper Midwestern city following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a black man who was going for a knife in a vehicle at the time.

Her campaign followed up her tweet with a statement repeating the Democratic lawmaker’s claim, saying, “While on the frontlines of the Ferguson Uprising, Congresswoman Bush and other activists were shot at by white supremacist vigilantes. The question we need to ask is why white supremacists feel empowered to open-carry rifles, incite violence, and put Black lives at risk across our country.”

However, in response to a question about the claim from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Chief McCall responded: “None that I’m aware of.”

The Daily Wire adds:

The former mayor took things a step further, telling NewsTalk STL radio host Tony Colombo – who covered the Ferguson protests on the ground — that the only shots fired during the Ferguson protests were fired at police officers or between rival gang members.

“I reached out personally to James Knowles, who was the mayor of Ferguson at that time,” Colombo said on the Tuesday program. “He called it 100% BS, what Cori Bush said.

“He said the only gunshots were people taking shots at cops and rival gangs shooting at each other, ending up with injuries at different times,” he added.

Seven months after Brown was shot, the Post-Dispatch reported:

In March 2015, two police officers who were part of a security line outside the Ferguson police headquarters were shot, causing some protesters to flee and others to drop to the ground. One officer was hit in the shoulder; the other, in the cheek.

During the post-shooting protests, then-St. Louis County Police Chief John Belmar did say that, while he didn’t particularly believe that their presence was helpful or unifying, there were members of the Oath Keepers organization (which has been labeled ‘racist’ but does not actually espouse racist views) were in Ferguson. Also, Belmar said reports claimed that local Ku Klux Klan members also planned to show up.

But no one from either organization was ever charged with any shootings that occurred during the unrest.

It’s not clear if Bush plans to delete her tweet or correct the record.

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