Body Language Experts Say There’s Clearly Tension Between Harris, Biden

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Body language experts say it’s more than obvious that there’s serious tension boiling between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Speaking with The Daily Mail, body language experts say Harris made “uncomfortable” gestures during a White House appearance alongside Biden earlier this week.

The duo appeared before an audience after passing the trillion-dollar infrastructure bill.

Both Biden and Harris forced a difficult smile bearing the signs of growing disunity between the two. The awkward one-sided hug also resembled a jostle for power.

“Harris’s smile is forced and contrived. There are no crow’s feet at the side of her face, which shows us whether or not the smile is genuine. In my opinion, this smile is just purely for press and perception purposes,” UK body language expert Darren Stanton said.

Author and body language expert Judi James agreed, saying their gestures were an example of “political power jostling.”

“The pair look incredibly awkward walking locked together towards the press. There are no signs of reciprocal affection or empathy here to make the ritual look relaxed or natural,” James said.

James explained: “Biden has to angle his body to allow her to walk out ahead of him and he keeps his left arm up in a partial barrier as he does so. If there were some form of recognition from her or an ushering gesture from him this could look like old-fashioned manners, but there isn’t.”

Noting Harris’s forced smile, Stanton added: “This I call the typical cheese photograph it’s the kind of photograph that you pose for at a wedding or some other family event you don’t want to be at.”

“It’s quite an odd posture to stand there with your hands to the side like Biden is. Most people would adopt a gesture where they are holding their hands to the front but this just seems to be a very strange posture and not really that genuine. Biden is usually a very tactile man and he and Harris generally touch each other’s arms or shoulders [at moments like this], which is an example of a deep rapport. It seems as though Biden has almost been briefed not to do that,” Stanton said.

“His level of physical contact has been reduced which would seem to signify a split in their level of rapport and original deep connection. Eleven months in office and cracks beginning to show between their unity?” she added.

Stanton agreed there is a clear disconnect between the two, saying: “Biden is adopting a very genuine smile. We can see his whole face is engaged and we see the total crow’s feet at the side of his eyes, and in a display of true happiness.”

“Harris, by comparison, has an expression that is a combination of being uncomfortable and surprised. She has a hand reciprocating the gesture with Biden, however, the President’s hand looks to be inappropriately placed from this photograph. This could explain Harris is displaying a very uncomfortable gesture,” they added.

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